Sthe & Rudge

Sthe was getting married into a Basotho family and she wanted her right of passage into her new family to be colourful and stylish. The couple agreed that they wanted a celebration on this day but not a western celebration at a venue. They took us back to the way our parents got married. Family and friends were welcome, neighbours and passer-by joined in on this celebration.

Sthe arrived on her fathers’ arm in her isiZulu outfit, with her family singing and bring with them gifts for her new family. Rudge’s family were also prepared for the singing challenge as they took their new bride. This sort of singing exchange between the families are an age old tradition. Once the gifting ceremony was completed and the bride had been given her new name (a symbol that she is now a part of her new family) she changed into a stylish modern seshweshwe outfit. Sthe knew that friends and family would be dressed in loads of colourful African prints, so they opted for a clean all white look and feel for their decor. The guests stood out and indeed the day was characterised by lots of food, drink and dancing.