Thembi & Josh

Thembi and Josh made me believe in a fairy tale story in an era where you hear very few of such encounters. Their love story is a real chance meeting in a foreign land, when the odds were stacked on the side of love.

In August 2016, Josh was on vacation with family and friends in Miami South Beach, for the Summer. As fate would have it, Thembi was also in town on a one-woman tour to Florida’s most popular beach. This girl is a trooper! Josh had decided to have some alone time on the beach when Thembi, (recovering from 2 days of being cooped up in a hotel room after an operation), both decided to walk the beach front. As she stepped onto the beach sand and looked up, their eyes locked and within minutes, they were side by side and the beautiful South African asked him to please take a picture of her using her mobile phone. The South African accent that sounded British to the Houstonian at the time, seemed to have halted time for him as he could only gaze and smile at her. With the excitement in the air, Josh was more than happy to oblige to the request. So much so, that he went the extra mile with the impromptu photo shoot. Not wanting the moment to end, Josh introduced himself formerly and asked Thembi out for a drink. She was initially hesitant but eventually agreed. Well As they say…. The rest is history

Thembi and Josh had an intimate wedding for 60 of their family and friends in the Cape winelands on a beautiful summer day. Rain and wind threatened to derail plans at the beautiful Val de Vie estate however the heavens held their showers until after the polo match. This wedding had all the bells and whistles of a true whirlwind romance, from helicopter rides to a polo match as part of the cocktail hour entertainment. You know how they say the devil is in the detail, the couple’s monogram featured in all wedding elements including the edible chocolate monogram on the dessert buffet! It was truly a pleasure walking the journey to the altar with this couple. Thembi & Josh, may God bless your union!