Gaontebale & Brian Molefe

Creating a beautiful wedding is like creating a piece of art. You want to have unity, balance, interest, excitement and rhythm. It was easy walking the journey to the altar with Gao & Brian, as they imbued their wedding with their personalities and created a backdrop for their special day that contains all the elements of a well-designed piece of art. What mattered was all quiet simple, to have all their family around them, as well as homely food and loads to drink. Gao also asked that special care be taken of the children that would be her fairies on the day. With the wedding being in December and close to the Christmas week, Gao was really thoughtful and extended the invitation of all adults to include their children. We hosted close on to 50 little people, and I can attest to the them possibly having more fun than their parents. Their love was expressed in the overall feel of their wedding day as well as in the many details that made their wedding both unique and memorable. Thank you for choosing us to walk the journey to the isle with you and may God Bless your union.