Beachside Wedding – Fairmont Zimbali

Teary daughters as Mom walks down an ombre rose petal filled isle

Sometimes, oddly enough we meet brides that are not into weddings and have not thought about the day’s details since they can remember.  Penny was one such bride. She had few requests and let us run with the how of planning a memorable affair that would be spoken off, days to come. Her brief was simple, please make sure that we have a mother of all parties! She said “I am not a 22 year old bride who needs photos of her shoes, I would like to eat and dance with my friends and family”. So our photographer Jacqui, knew there would be no detail shots, no couple shoot but rather loads of images of people, dancing the night away. The ceremony was perhaps the highlight of the wedding with chandeliers adorning the pool side where a ramp was built over the swimming pool and created a walk way to the most lavish chuppa. Her second request was, to please ensure that the wedding was close enough to Durban so that her sickly father would not have to travel long distances. What struck me most about Penny’s father, was upon meeting him, he said to me “a gentleman should stand when a lady walks into a room however please forgive me as age is no longer on my side” which made my heart melt.

There was no traditional pre-reception with canapes. Instead we had a  classic concert by the sea, with members of the Durban Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bala Brothers giving a charming performance. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side but this did not spoil what was the most stylish wedding yet. As the rain poured, the champagne continued to flow and we felt incredibly blessed as we celebrated the union of Penny and Khalil. The end result was a seamless wedding, where young and old danced the night away.

8 piece string ensemble with the Bala Brothers as guests sip on champagne bold pinks and mirrored tabletops formed part of the wow at this luxury wedding guests were treated to billacart salmon and cake as part of the dessert, including a decadent candy station filled with assorted chocolatesPartying, dancing and singing as the dancefloor is packed with guests